Modern Outplacement for Today's Economy

Because employee results create a true win-win



Homeowner Reemployment:
Helping borrowers get back on track.

We believe that lenders can find the win-win of helping their borrowers land jobs and careers that help them be financially sound.



Modernizing work search activities to add excellence in value and verifiability.



Helping you land your next great job, faster. Period.

With the right help, job seekers improve their odds by over 60%



The next step after graduation.

We believe that students should be educated in both how to do the job and how to find the job.



Real Coaches Delivering Real Results

Compassionate, certified job coaches give your employees 1-on-1 care to cope with job loss and land their next job up to 60% faster. Meanwhile your brand is protected: 95% of employees feel better about employers who provide our outplacement services.

Efficient and Affordable Solutions

We offer a variety of service levels and we coach your employees where they are, by phone and web meetings. That makes our service far more convenient and effective for your employees and, with pricing that’s 20 to 30% lower than most competitors, its far more affordable for your company.

A Benefit to Your Bottom Line

Through an innovative, research-driven approach to reemployment, we’ve engineered our outplacement service to produce proven and substantial unemployment tax savings. The result is an employee benefit that pays for itself—and more.


We provide leading employer outplacement solutions with a focus on accountability and a strong return on investment.



Connect with your job coach, your online training account and weekly webinars to make your career transition quick and effective.



We’ve invented a new way for lenders to mitigate losses and build goodwill by helping borrowers land new jobs.


The NextJob Reemployment System

Independent studies show that job seekers find and land jobs over 60% faster with the right help. We’ve designed our job search packages with three powerful elements.

icon_landing_oneononeOne-on-One On Demand Job Coaching

Our coaches are not only compassionate, certified experts, they’re our employees—not independent contractors. That lets us closely manage quality, create a culture where every job seeker truly matters and earn coaching satisfaction scores above 95%.

icon_landing_onlineOnline Job Positioning System (JPS)

Our online learning system goes beyond simple tools and articles to truly teach essential job search skills employees need to succeed. It’s the only job search system of its kind, proven in a control group study to improve job search skills by over 30%.

icon_landing_jobseekersJob Club Workshops

Every week, job seekers meet online and take a deep dive into a job search topic. They come away not only with greater confidence but with a new job-search asset…from an accomplishments-based resume or an elevator pitch to an optimized LinkedIn profile.

Take a tour of our approach

Your service from start to finish has been exemplary. We can’t say enough about the professional and knowledgeable staff at NextJob who take the time to fully understand the needs of our Employees as they make career transitions.

Geralyn Gravatt, Director, Employment and Compensation, Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

We have found that the total savings in unemployment expenditures significantly exceeds the cost of the reemployment services.

Bob Carson, Manager of Risk Accounting, University of Texas

The NextJob staff is responsive, professional, and comprehensive in their care of our former employees.

Jennifer, Employee Relations Manager, Customer

I knew this would be an experience that I would learn from but I never expected it to change my life in the way that it has, for the better.

Ashleigh, Job Seeker

Without my job coach and Nextjob.com I may have given up, but this experience let me know that companies and people still care.

Job Seeker

I LOVE IT, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! I love the workshops, the software, I love my coach . . . you have been there for me so easy to get a hold of and you always get right back to me, gave me great advise, you are resourceful, and I have been telling everybody, about NextJob, my family, my friends, anyone who will listen.

Karen, Job Seeker

The Full Employment Movement

We launched our business in 2007 to disrupt markets with better ROI-powered solutions for full employment, focusing on solutions for employers, lenders, schools, government and the military.


We believe in the power of work. That we were made to work. That it will take a movement, but that together we can create new opportunities, more value and better ways to truly help America back to work.

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Our customers are inspiring innovative movements in full employment through employer outplacement, government  safety nets and lender reemployment programs. This fun TEDTalk demonstrates how movements happen.

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