Modernizing work search activities to add excellence in value and verifiability.


UI claimants rate their work search skills at a D+ and more than 1/3 exhaust all of their UI benefits, even in a great economy. Meanwhile, the largest integrity issue in most state UI programs is work search.

The Solution

Empower your claimants to land their next great job faster with NextJob’s modernized work search activities.
100% Verifiable


Based on the latest in curriculum design, our online system is customized to reflect user input and has proven, in the largest control-group study of its kind, to improve job search readiness by two grades and return job seekers to work more quickly.

Rich Video Learning
Instead of impersonal animation, we include dozens of videos with advice from real employers, job seekers and job search experts.

Smart Phone and Tablet Enabled
Job seekers can actively learn, wherever they are, whether a coffee shop, at home or in line at the grocery.

Largest US Job Board Aggregator
We’ve incorporated the largest job board, with millions of unduplicated jobs from thousands of job and employer sites – all easily searchable by location, salary, occupation and company.

Customized Job Agent
This feature emails specifically-matched openings to job seekers as soon as they’re posted online.

Step-by-Step Accomplishments-Based Resume Builder
We teach resume building in a way that not only grabs an employer’s attention, but also boosts job seeker confidence as they learn how to write and speak about their experience with authenticity in an interview.

Progress Tracking
In real time, coaches can track job seeker progress and collaborate with them on their resume and other key job search documents.

Mock Interview Tool
Job seekers can interact with a recorded video interviewer asking common and hard interview questions and they can record and review their responses, demeanor and poise.

Job Search Plan Tool
Behavioral science suggests proactivity and goal-setting can increase the likelihood of completing goals by 2-3X and increase the chances of landing a job by over 60%. Our platform lets users build a priority-driven plan customized to their needs.

Get it Done Activities
Based on leading instructional design, our teach-show-do approach eliminates the gap between learning and doing. Each activity is designed to move a job seeker closer to success.

Highly Accessible & Multi-Lingual
NextJob’s system is built to allow job seekers with only basic computer skills to simply click back and next buttons to navigate the system. To accommodate non-English speakers, the system is also translatable into over 100 languages with the click of a button.

Networking for Hidden Jobs
Job seekers learn the critical skills to find and go after the 40% of jobs that aren’t posted, by identifying their network, contacting employers, excelling at informational interviewing and leveraging social media.

The Results

UI Claimants

  • Preparedness Gain: D+ to B+
  • Dropout Re-engagement: 8 of 10
  • Integrity: 6.5% Improvement Saves Millions

WIA Participants

  • Preparedness Gain: C- to an A-
  • Engagement: 45% > Required
  • Integrity: 39% Better Training Targeting

UI Case Study -Utah

Overview Brochure 

WIA Case Study – Mississippi

A follow-up survey indicated that the select group felt they were significantly (31%) more prepared for becoming re-employed after completing the workshops . . . NextJob provided excellent support for the Utah pilot project . . .

Bill Starks, UI Director, Utah Dept. of Workforce Services

The services provided on the website can be useful to any job seeker, offering assistance in resume writing, cover letters, sample interview questions and answers, just to name a few of the options available. In today’s job market, it is necessary to be as prepared as possible.

Linda, Job Seeker

Their websites and formats are easy to understand, having very valuable learning tools non-stop. From a cover letter, to building an exceptional resume, preparing for job interviews and beyond. I learned about the hidden job marketing, networking with social (media) to find the job I desire.

Andrea, Job Seeker



Over 20 years of research and consulting in government UI and Workforce programs.



Links to existing programs, complementing whatever tools are currently in place.



Testing proves increase in job search preparedness by as much as 31%.


When it comes to work search activities, we believe what can be self-directed, should be self-directed – allowing staff more time to serve those who need the most help.

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